Corporation History

SosaScope is a Family Owned Business with Very Little Overhead. Because of our fiscal responsibility, SosaScope passes these savings directly to you, our customers, and therefore, to your business.

The vision of SosaScope is supported by our company’s founder, Ladislao Sosa. His mission statement was: “The Customer is Always Right”. The same mission statement still carries on today. Our goal is to provide quality services at a reasonable price thus providing customer satisfaction.

Acquiring our Services Gives You Freedom to Focus on Your Bussiness

The quality of service one attains from SosaScope is unsurpassed by none, based on the company’s mantra, “The customer is always right”. SosaScope guarantees 100% satisfaction and will proficiently work on your company’s design until absolutely satisfied.

In conclusion, in the age of e-commerce, it’s essential businesses get onto the internet to broadly expand their consumer base. But SosaScope believes your company shouldn’t have to spend thousands of hard-earned dollars in order to attain that. SosaScope is a business that undoubtedly understands your company’s needs for extracting the maximum value for the total money spent on total marketing, especially in developing an attractive website to attract customers.

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